Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Where have all the fowers' generations gone?

In the seventy a poetic view of life assumed love as the force that drove every human's action.
Almost forty years later, with less hypocrisy, I would say that the culprit is mostly money and I wouldn't call it culprit, I would just define it as "exasperation of survival instinct".
When there was no money people used to hunt and dig their prey (or something better) in order to preserve them for "worse days".
When money was assumed as substitute of food, the whole procedure became easier, because it was (or looked) easier to keep money then a prey.
I won't go on analysing history, let's say that money should not be seen as the devil, but the natural aspiration of every human being.
"Through the media, money is turned into force--the more spent, the more intense its influence. "
That is not the natural use of money, that is the natural exasperation of the use of money.
Money is very often connected to power or a mean to rich power and power is the further assurance to be able to fulfil the "survival instinct".
It is the old "mors tua vita mea".
"The ideologies espoused by candidates, whether Socialism or Liberalism, are set in motion by, and ultimately serve, only money. "Free" press does not spread free opinion--it generates opinion."

So, who and what to believe?
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