Wednesday, November 19, 2008

When it comes to long lasting...

What would everybody want his or her marriage to be like?

1) Long lasting, if possible forever.
2) Trustworthy
3) Relationship resistant to any turmoil
4) The ability to be a forever shining communion
5) A partner who is available wherever and whenever needed.

That is why you should choose titanium wedding rings.

Because Titanium is the best element to represent all that.
It is as strong as the steel,(but 45% lighter), just like your relationship should be, strong, but leaving to both the feeling of being "light", two individuals who live together because they want to and not because they have to.
Titanium is shining, lustrous, just like your marriage should be.
It has a silver colour, but it doesn't oxidize. It is always shining and corrosion resistant (including to salt and chlorine), just like your marriage should be, time resistant and habit resistant.
But if you are looking for something really "stylish" and special why not black tungsten rings?
If you are looking for a ring that will always look perfect (because it is one of the best as scratch and wear proof substance) you should buy a Tungsten ring with ceramic inlays.
Zirconium ceramic has a black colour mixed with a metallic appearance.
In the meantime it is lightweight, very hard and resistant, and a perfect choice for a contemporary look.
These rings come with a lifetime warranty (there is no need in principle, because it is almost impossible to scratch or ruin them) and with the possibility of having your name or your partner's name or a date, engraved on the inside.
You can easily order them online, providing the right size.
And if you do not know the right size?
You can ask for a sizing set and be 100% sure.
And in case you are not at the point of needing a ring, or you want something additional to wear with your ring, you can have also titanium bracelets, which are fabulous and add that small touch of class to any style.
You can choose among many designs or even create your own.
Every item is individually hand crafted after receiving the order and that makes it almost unique.
The production time is usually up to 10 days after the confirmation of the size.
The cost of shipping is quite low and the shipment is via FedEx.
And last, but not least important:
Avant-garde Titanium offers you a 14 day money-back guarantee period to ensure your complete satisfaction!

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