Tuesday, November 18, 2008

About Marijuana

"Violent crime ebbs and flows, often depending on locale, but someone please explain to me why people who favour smoking pot, which is arguably much less dangerous than excessive consumption of alcohol, are the prey of police officers across the country? "

Marijuana is a subject I am quite fond of, because my Laurea Thesis was about it (the pharmacological use of).
I personally am not against its legalisation, but I understand who is against.
The danger is not in IT (even though it has dangerous side effects when it is used regularly)but in the fact that often it is the door to heavy addictions.
Tolerance to it can occur quite soon and, since the ones who use it not for a pharmacological use,(at this point I can assure everybody that Morphine, when required, is much more effective)are very likely people who are in search of "emotions" they won't stop to it.

Alcohol is a very dangerous addiction too, I would say one of the most dangerous addictions.
Because you can find alcohol everywhere and at cheap prices.

What we should fight is not the use of this or that, it is the conditions which bring people to use this or that.
Beginning with young people.
The use of drugs is very often just a way to prove to be "somebody" to be able to belong to a "group".
It is the false meaning of it that we should fight.
In principle it is a lack of education, a lack of "presence" of the parents.
We (and I include myself in it) are the generation of the "self made career woman" or "self made man" which very often resulted in neglecting the role we are made for: reproducing ourselves and caring for our offspring’s.

It is a general degeneration in ideals and the victory of the ideal of money.
Profit comes first, the rest is just sentiments.
We very often created monsters whose main ambition is to reach this or that position, to earn more to possess more, to be able to be more.

Thus we live in a world where we do not understand what is happening, where not to increase the PIL every year means to go backward, where if a company doesn't make millions is not worth to exist, where the one who counts is at the top and the "American Dream" is to be able to reach the top...
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