Thursday, November 20, 2008

So why are we having a recession?

"So why are we having a recession? At least partially because we were talked into it.
We're somewhere between the end of the last bubble and the beginning of the next one. More fortunes’will be made by investing now and waiting patiently for returns than waiting for a safe time to invest."

Well, I guess we are at the end of the road.
We have reached the bottom. And I see no way out of it than trying to find a new road.
Unless you want to try to dig a little further; since the World is round there is no real bottom.
If you are good enough may be in a few centuries you could reach the other Hemisphere.
But no one of us is going to live that long and we have to eat now and NOT in a couple of centuries ( I at least do not have enough reserve of fat and breath...)
Why are we having a recession?
I know, as the saying goes, the last thing you see is the one you have in front of your eyes..., but it is so clear.
When All bubbles have exploded, when the exchange of debts and worthless paper money has reached the end, when nobody wants to work for making the others living a comfortable life, the others have to decide: are they willing to work to make their own food or are they going to die waiting for food that will not come anymore?
Miracles are good and dreams are even better, but many died dreaming, and the ones who survived were usually the ones who didn't dream...
What about producing? What about doing real work?
Not sitting on a chair in front of a computer selling and buying, hoping to sell high and buy low, so that the people who really work to make the money they play with get poorer and poorer while they get richer and richer...
What about opening their eyes and realizing the good times are definitely gone...

I read some time ago something that in a few words explained the actual situation:

Islam does not hate freedom, democracy or even the "American way of life". It is the price other people have to pay for America to have that way of life - that is what has everybody so pissed off.

What if that is true?

Of course you can go on fighting against hatred and anger, against terrorism and terroristic actions.
But if you want to stop it, may be you should buy a good mirror and begin to look into it.
If you want to solve the problem of weeds it pays to go to the roots...
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