Monday, November 17, 2008

How to be a (happy) alien

Yes, I and whoever has the joy to know me, consider myself something like an alien.
And I am happy about being something like this.
First I heavily, drastically, definitely dislike things like cream, high calories food like pasta and lasagne and fatty snacks.
I love salads and fruit and fish.
Second I have a peculiar dislike of all cars.
I love trains and buses, even though I live in a country where infrastructures are so old and non functional that to cover fifty kilometres it takes half a day.
Third I hate cell phones and hardly tolerate telephones.
I dislike talking to somebody I cannot look in the eyes and I hate small talks.
I love to work in my garden to lie in the sun, to listen to music, to read.
I like to live and life for me is just that.
I wasn't this way.
I used to be somebody who thought to have a "high standard of living" till I realized how poorly I lived.
I am an alien, my only regret is thinking how much better life would be if people understood how nice is to be an alien.
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