Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"The promiscuous swapping around of risk and rewards is over."

Mr Obama is a great orator, a great example of that common rhetoric that goes under the name of "political Jargon".
Promise everything, even a bright future, deny all efforts, don't put limits to individual will, just do not say tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, just say in the future or, may be , to be more credible, in the near future.
Say everything and say nothing, so that nobody will be able to say "He didn't fulfil".
"The fiasco of medical care is certainly a product of connivance between greedy and heartless insurance companies, profit-driven hospitals, and avaricious drug-makers. But the public itself is responsible for its own suicidal diet of double cheez burritos and Dr. Pepper."
People will say: he is right, because the fault is not here or there is somewhere in the middle.
"The promiscuous swapping around of risk and rewards is over."(JK)
But it is over also the car industry.
Because people will soon realize that going by foot is not only much cheaper, but it is the only way they can still afford.
As they will soon realize that wind and water are not only nice to see, but useful to our life, more useful than oil.(and more affordable too)

They will realize (if they haven't yet) that the word "globalism" has a different meaning.
It is not only importing at cheap prices, so that the others work and we enjoy, but import-export.
That means I work too...otherwise, how can I make the money to pay for the imports?
In History everything goes in cycles and the current cycle is obviously ending with a thundering crash of economies, because of the previous imbalance.
The industrial revolution in the 19th century caused a huge unemployment resulting in people reduced to starving in the beginning, but it lasted the time the owner of the factories realized that without consumers the machines worked for nothing.
We are in a similar situation.
Once every trick of consuming without producing is gone (the fantasy economy, made in a pseudo virtual world, made with paper and bonds and money worth less and less) we are left wit the sad reality that if you want to consume you HAVE TO produce.
If you want to eat, somebody has to produce the food and that somebody is not willing to work for a piece of worthless paper...
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