Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blogger versus journalist

A blogger could be a better journalist, because he doesn't belong to any newspaper and he could be more objective.
Even though it doesn't really work this way.
Everybody has his own ideas and sees reality through his mind and of course reports it the way he sees it.
What makes the difference is the fact that, being the work of a blogger not chained to money (unless he writes a paid review of course), but generally the expression of his point of view, it is in one sense more genuine and very often, while may be not perfectly and grammatically perfect, reflects feelings that a paid journalist cannot express.
"Freedom of the press requires money, and entails ownership, thus serving money at the end."
"Through the media, money is turned into force--the more spent, the more intense its influence."
All revolves around money, because money is what we need to survive, what we need to buy our food, what we need to reproduce ourselves.
Blogging is fun as long as you get the money to survive from something else.
When blogging or writing is the mean to survive it is easy your writing is in one way or another following a different road than your brain...
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