Friday, November 28, 2008

The terrible monsters our society produces

"How could anyone do those unimaginably cruel, inhuman things?
That is the question that, to most people, immediately flows from hearing the ghastly details of both the Sheffield man who fathered nine children by raping his two daughters and, of course, the tragic story of Baby P."

Those are the monsters that our society creates.
First the lack of education.
Children very often are brought up in the belief that they are entitled to all or almost, that every wish is a get.
Since we have less children or none, the few that are born look so special that they deserve everything.
While it is wrong to maltreat children it is equally wrong non putting limits, better, not teaching that nothing comes free and life is getting AND giving.

Selfishness and overrating oneself is the common trait of today's children and tomorrow's individuals.
Being human is being humble, seeing one own limits and others' rights.
The feelings for the others is not something we are born with.
We are utmost selfish in our first years of life.
The only things which interest us is having food for growing and a shelter to live in.
It is education that makes a good individual, somebody who knows how and cares to live with others, in mutual respect.
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