Friday, November 21, 2008

Michael Moore: What We're Seeing is the End of Capitalism

We are witnessing the end of Capitalism as a few years ago we witnessed the end of the Socialism or Communism.
But what really is and was, is just the end of that perverse form of Capitalism or Communism that was nothing more than a lie and a big distortion of reality.
Communism meant just that the mass worked to make a few richer and richer.
Exactly what Capitalism meant.
I was very impressed some years ago with a documentary showing a huge fire in a forest.
Everything looked lost and finished, but among the ashes in a few days you could see millions of new born plants, much stronger and vital than the big old trees that were destroyed.
New life against old decay.
That is what we need.
Let the big go bankruptcy, new lives will grow, healthier and stronger than the old decaying bunch of crooks.
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