Thursday, November 13, 2008

A healthy economy made by healthy people

Americans have fallen again.
No matter how and when and why, as we say, one Pope dead, another one is elected, so one dream gone the next one comes into the scene.
They talk about the "American dream" I would talk of the "American dreamers".
But of course it applies also to Italians and Europeans...
We still haven't stopped to believe in miracles and we also are very good in believing the cause of all our troubles is this or that politician, this or that Bank and so on.
We like to believe it, because it makes it easier to believe we will be able to change our situation just changing this or that.
I never believed in miracles, even though I liked to dream that something could happen just having the right magic wand.
One day I woke up and the age of the magic wand was gone, it had left the reality of a hard life where I had to work to get what I wanted.
But that was the interesting side of it.
What comes easy has no value, what you have to fight for is the only thing worth something.
I do not think Obama or anybody else can change this society or this economy.
I believe we can change our life giving the right priorities to the right ideals, having one phone that lasts several years and investing our time and resources to more interesting past times.
Sometimes what looks terrible has great surprises.
A different economy is waiting to be born, but it is nothing like the one that has died. The economy-to-come is one of rigor and austerity.
From the valueless people economy to the world where individuals count and produce.
A healthy economy made by healthy people.
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