Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What wlll happen to our money?

Nothing, exactly that.
It will still be what it is now: valueless paper.
What will change (and is already changing) will be the pretence to believe that it is worth more than the paper it is printed on.
No credit, because the credit must be insured with something valuable and since houses, companies, money showed to be valueless, there is nothing we can give in exchange of credit.
The debt, credit economy is dead.
And with it also the way we master the economy is dead.
The solution is beginning from scratch, with credit based on trust, or on "we have nothing to loose more than what we lost" and work based on our resources.
The problem will be we won't get oil in this way, unless the bottom is reached and also the oil producers "have nothing more to loose and mostly nothing more to earn or better nobody who is going to pay with something different from paper money".
Will Globalisation be that strong?
I mean, when everybody (and with this I really mean ALL) will be on the bottom and oil producers will have full unsold tanks and Nations will have empty tills, and factory will be full of unsold items, may be we can begin again to "pretend" that paper is worth more than nothing and food is something you cannot survive without...
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