Friday, November 14, 2008

Yes we want and may be we can...

"The objective is not to assure that no auto company goes bankrupt; the objective IS to keep Americans working on making America a better place. The manufacturers and their suppliers that win the bids to supply the US government with a green, fuel-efficient fleet, will then be well-positioned and retooled so that they can sell these products to the rest of us and the rest of the world once we start buying cars again. " Tom Evslin

Yes we can. I am using we because I include the rest of the World. Since we are Global and since a butterfly in one Hemisphere can change the weather in the other, I like to talk about WE.
Since nothing is impossible when you really want it, the only variable is what and how.
"If people don't buy cars, there is no amount of bailout that will save the millions of US jobs in and related to car manufacturing."
People do not buy cars because oil is too expensive, but they shouldn't buy cars because traffic is getting impossible and the air is so polluted people die either for a car accident or for cancer.
There is no green fuel that can provide us with a safe environment like the no fuel at all.
We are at the verge of a new Era.
We have to decide: either going on this way (OK with the alternative, not cheap and not so easy, of green fuel) or change our habits, investing in public transportations, allowing people to go working in trains and saving them from stress, illnesses and traffic jams, saving our cities planting more trees, letting the roads to pedestrians, teaching our children that we got two legs for walking and two arms for doing intelligent things (not just pushing buttons of a cell phone) or going on in this mad way of ruining the place we live, condemning ourselves to a never ending stress, to consuming more and more, to communicate (real communication) less and less, to delegate the grocery store for our meals, the commercials for our needs.

"Some commenter’s point out that it takes more than three years just to plan a new car and retool the factories. They're certainly right that's how long it USUALLY takes."
Who cares how long it takes?
We want to change. Don't we? Yes we want and may be we can...
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