Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mouse's freedom

"The biggest innovation in the advertising industry during the last 70 years before digital was color TV," says Ajaz Ahmed, chairman and co-founder of independent digital marketing agency AKQA. "The agency of the future will be half a software company and half an entertainment company because that's the new landscape."


Since we assume the Web will be the major advertisement hosting of the future, the way it is delivered has to change.
On TV you catch the audience with content and mix it with commercials, and the audience is kind of passive.
On the Net the offer of content as "channels" is huge compared to TV because open to ALL (thanks to availability and price, competition is harder and monopoly, thanks God, almost impossible.(at least for now)
In this environment the customers have a big weapon: freedom of choice, and freedom of mouse.
Difficult to catch them in the usual way.
Advertisement HAS to be the Entertainment, something almost like subliminal ad.
Advertisement HAS to be the subject and an alluring subject too.
Advertisement has to catch and keep, at least enough to show and talk about.

But once you caught your audience your power is going to be 1000 times greater than on TV.
In one move you present, you show, you convince and YOU SELL.
Thanks to interactivity of course.
Harder to reach, but mostly gratifying...

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