Wednesday, September 10, 2008

If you never stop saving, you never stop buying...

What about a weekend at the "Marriott"?
I would suggest it, if you have some spare money and no spare energy.
Once in a while it pays off to relax and enjoy two days in a nice place, among nice people, spending ordinary time in an extraordinary way.
You can afford it, if you book between Thu – Sun. Sept 12-Dec 21, 2008.
In this period and with the right hot coupons you can get a 20% off weekend rates.

But if a weekend in a wonderful place is not what you have in mind, you can always take advantage of cheap sales promotions and special promo codes, like $50 off $250 purchase up to $500 off order of $2000 at Bloomingdales.
It can look a lot of money, but it is not difficult to spend up to $2000, especially when it comes to Designers' accessories.
Anyway, paying $1500 instead of $2000 can mean making affordable what usually isn't...
And with the $500 you saved you can think of a further good purchase.
For example at Circuit City you could buy a GPS with $99.99 and still have $400 to spend, just to save a little bit more...
What about a new Digital camera?
You could save up to $200 on digital SLRs and plus get $175 in FREE gifts...
Well, if you never stop saving, you never stop buying... and that is exactly what coupons are made for...

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