Saturday, September 13, 2008

Blaze the ripper

As a multimedia addict I of course have all the available tools on hand, but was always annoyed by the fact that I need a separate tool for the different activities.

Finally I found one which does all theses tasks in one single application and I have to say that this is the best video converter I ever used.

It is a the one solution for all my audio, video, ripping and editing tasks.

The audio converter includes a player, recorder, converter plus editor and the video part includes capturing, converting, editing as well as burning DVDs/CDs.

Also DRM protected audio files (like WMA) can be handled the easy way.
And it is also easy to extract just the audio part of a video file.
Of course, it it also possible to change all the audio and video parameters on the go.
What I like is the fact that there is also an MP3 tag editor available.
I also need to mention that the video editor allows to work in full screen mode.
It is useless to say this is the best dvd ripper in my opinion.

Last not least there is also a function for joining and splitting of files available.
It is really difficult to find something that offers more…

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