Saturday, September 13, 2008

Upgrade to HD

There is good news for radio fans as it is possible now to receive many AM and FM stations in digital quality.

This allows to receive AM stations in FM sound quality and FM stations in CD sound quality without any audio distortion.

On the display of the new receivers I can read about traffic data, stock market info as well as real-time information’s of the artist and song recurrently playing.

You will wonder about how many stations are already broadcasting this way.
Here you can find your local radio stations.

There are receivers for your home as well as for your car.
Select the one you like in the Buyer's guide, for example Polk iSonic ES2.

If you are possessing an iPod, then you can also use the iPod Tagging.
This way you can easy listen again a song you like at any time you like.

Very important : these new HD Radio services are free of charge as there are no subscription costs involved.

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Anonymous said...

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