Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Alitalia: Italy's Lehman Brother

Italy has been envious of the big sister America.
Since the days in which our Colombo put a foot on it.
Since the days our ancestors put their feet on it.
Since the days America was a great power and Italy dreamed to be the same.
So why not following the disaster's footsteps?
We began with Cirio and Parmalat (nothing of course comparable with American's) and now, we proudly follow with the Nation's wings: Ali-talia.
The company which is going to save (or better which was going) is made by People, who have often been convicted, investigated, on trial. In their hands, gold becomes shit and shit becomes capital gains.
Of course our national Trade Unions had to play some sort of a game to show they are trying to do their best. In reality they represent themselves. They have defended the privileges (their privileges) and betrayed the employees. They believed (?) in the election promises of Tar Head and in the Italian consortia. What did they get in exchange for the failure of the Air France negotiation?

Alitalia is a paradigm, a metaphor for Italy. It is bankrupt and without a lira.
The bankruptcy of Alitalia is a symptom and a prelude of our country's collapse. The parties and the Trade Unions know this. If the books end up in the Tribunal, those responsible will have to answer. Let Alitalia collapse then and let be there a public trial against those who have destroyed it.

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