Monday, March 23, 2009

Changing everything, so that everything is still the same

Interesting on Time Magazine.
"A Quiet Revolution Grows in the Muslim World".
As I can see it has nothing to do with a Revolution, not even a quiet Revolution.

"Now 26, Ziada organized Cairo's first human-rights film festival in November."
"Ziada shies away from little, including the grisly intimate details of her life. But she also wears a veil, a sign that her religious faith remains undimmed."
"In many of the scores of countries that are predominantly Muslim, the latest generation of activists is redefining society in novel ways."
"Disillusioned with extremists who can destroy but who fail to construct alternatives that improve daily life, members of the post-9/11 generation are increasingly relying on Islamic values rather than on a religion-based ideology to advance their aims. And importantly, the soft revolution has generated a new self-confidence among Muslims and a sense that the answers to their problems lie within their own faith and community rather than in the outside world. The revolution is about reform in a conservative package."

Revolution means changing the society, with new rules and, most important, a new way to see life, including the religious way.
Revolution IS NOT using handy and mini skirts...

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