Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The good, the bad, and the ugly before Internet Time

Our days are still 24 hours long.
We spend most of them working, sleeping, eating.
The rest in front of our monitor and on the Internet.
But can we still focus a World without the Internet?
What would happen if suddenly our screens became black and we had no access any more to our second life online?

I hardly remember what I used to do before, everything looks blurred and impossible.
We certainly spent more time in front of TV, more time shopping, more time socializing in the traditional way.
Taking for granted that the Internet is here to stay, I am positively sure that nobody misses the world before.
At least if he is fair and honest.
The type of conversations and socialization we had before was not better than now.
It is good if you are good, it is bad if you are bad.
The means do not matter.
You can feel closer or talk more often, but that doesn’t change your nature and behavior.
Regarding TV, beginning with the quality of picture and going on with quality of content, I think there is not so much to miss...
As for shopping, talking for myself, I never could buy better bargains and everything than when I discovered eBay.
It is not eBay, it is the fact that I can buy in such a wide market that lowers the price to a point where I can afford things I wouldn’t have been able to afford before.
And you can live in a small village and still shop in the world.
Of course shipment is still expensive and much has still to be done, but I dream and hope in a future not too far, where I will buy wherever I like comfortably sitting in front of my computer, virtually trying clothes and furniture with the aid of some magical software...
Dreaming still costs nothing and with the Internet is more than possible...

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