Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Broghammers spend the weekend in Rügen

Greetings aus Rügen

Mrs. Broghammer says Greetings aus Rügen.

That is as far as she can go with her German and as far as she can go with a train.
It takes an average of six hours to be in Binz from Quedlinburg.
Most people would consider that wasted times, on the contrary Mrs. Broghammer can transform such a long trip in a very useful time.
She was able to knit two fronts and half a sleeve of a very nice pink cardigan that she finished in Quedlinburg and she is going to wear tonight at the German course, being that the only "social" occasion of her week at home.
Going back to Rügen, the one who has never been there doesn’t know what he lost.
Especially if he is in the category to which the Broghammers belong, I mean the group of people who like nature and beautiful landscape, including the landscape created by men some years ago, the beautiful Jugenstil villas in front of a beautiful white sandy beach.
It is all that white of the houses and the green of the trees and the beach and the sand.
It is a paradise for birds and for humans.
If you go in March you have good chances to have a nice, mild weather and the certainty to have very good pricing in the hotels.
May be that is the main reason why the Broghammers choose that weekend, a full apartment, in front of the sea, for Euro 40 per night.
They saved and they even enjoyed it very much.
In the morning you wake up at the sound of the sea gulls singing, you walk for hours in a deserted beach and you enjoy the sound of the waves...
I still wonder why so few people know about it, may be the ones who do, do not want to share it...

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