Friday, March 06, 2009

Mind the German language

That is exactly what Mrs. Broghammer does every Thursday evening.
May be a few minutes also on Thursday afternoon, just before the lesson, in order to accomplish her duties as a pupil.

Every Thursday a few words more and many new ideas well confused, but, as the teacher says, the important is to speak...
Mrs Broghammer was elected as special trainer and interpreter of her nachbar (neighbor) Lilly.
Lilly is from Beijing, 45 but looks much younger.
She doesn’t speak German and a very little English.
She says her biggest problem is that here in Germany people speak German, also on TV.
I would say that is good, you can learn a lot.
Do you understand?
Mrs. Broghammer is at a point in German language where she doesn’t understand what they say, but she can understand what they are talking about.
Which in principle is all what you need to watch TV.
Sometimes it is even better not to understand the words...

Lilly says she is very envious, she would at least like to understand the commercials.
In order to do so, she shouldn’t be Chinese.
Being European makes everything much more simple (or simpler?).
When they begin, you already know where they will finish, that is how you can understand.
But if you are Chinese you do not understand where they begin and consequently where they will finish.

She is here in Germany to study the behavior of the "Chinese cabbage".
I always thought that if you wanted to study the Chinese vegetables you should have done so in China.
But it looks that the Chinese Cabbage prefers the German landscape.
May be it wants to copy his similars and get some color (the Chinese cabbage is white), or the latest "fashion trends".
Whatever, she is here to study and spends eight hours a day, six days a week for I do not know how many months, and all that for a small plant...

Lilly is very unhappy because soon her scholarship will be finished.
May be she will have to leave her cabbage and go back to Beijing to study the behavior of the German cabbage in China...

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