Thursday, March 12, 2009

What really happened on July 14, 1789?

What should happen today.
And what doesn’t.

What do we need to have a better future, or let’s say to have a future?
A big cleaning up there.
What proved to be "not working" "bankruptcy" "criminal" should be removed and a totally new order should be created "instead".

"All these insolvent banks, car manufacturers, mall-based shops, small businesses and reckless individuals - all hooked on mainlining credit - should be allowed to crash and burn. Yesterday."
"The political decision makers will never administer the killer dose because they need a middle class to act as their constituency. To kill them is as inviting as suicide.

A democracy will never allow the necessary purge, so everything will fall."
Unless something like what happened on July 14, 1789 happens again...

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super social influencer said...

I always want a consumer driven economy.If a biz wins,it wins.I dont understand government bailouts.