Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Beppe Grillo the phony

Dear Mr. Grillo,

I am once more deluded.
I thought and hoped that the Movimento 5 stelle that you so vehemently proposed was the "new" the "right" the "freedom" the "democracy" you were claiming shouting.
I thought that your vaffanculo meant "go away old and fake" "come new and honest".
You talked about "direct democracy" you said that the "people" had to be "free" to decide for their future.


You, yourself, the warrior of truth, of honesty, of freedom, are NUMBER FIRST for CENSORSHIP!
People who slightly disagree are laughed after, denigrated, mocked, then, as last resource, BANNED.

This is nothing else than dictatorship and it is even more bitter to swallow because it is done by somebody Who PREACHES against it!

At the beginning I was enthusiastic about your ideas, just like the Italians with Mussolini or the Americans with Obama.
Now you showed your real face, and you should be ASHAMED

You are worth much less than the people you joke about, you are a FAKE, a phony, this is not a "change" this is nothing else than the usual, trivial, cheating Italian way to fuck Italian people.
I will never vote for your Movimento and, as much as I can, I will invite people NOT TO VOTE for somebody like you ( or somebody sponsored by you).

We had enough of Mussolini, we do not need a new DICTATORSHIP.

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