Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Preparing for the collapse

My whole life has been living the future and living the present in view of the future.
Needless to say that in times like this my main reading has been about collapse.
And what better example than the previous collapses?(1929, URRSS collapse)

What will be?
How to be prepared?
First you must think with a "post collapse mind" and NOT as you would react today.
First thing: how to save what I have, or better, what will I need that I can prepare now?
Many invest in gold.
Currencies will collapse, so gold will be the new currency.
Now, what do you think you need mostly when there is no money, no state, no welfare, nothing?
To whom do you sell your gold?
Who will need gold?

You will need food and a place to live.
No or little energy will mean you need a place where you do not need too much energy and you can produce it.
So: no gold, but may be a house.
A house in a place not too cold, with a piece of land where to grow my food, fruit trees, may be a few chickens, or a pond with fishes and geese.
Second: some solar panels or a wind turbine.

May be, if I lived in US a good buy could be a house in Florida.
But not Miami or a fancy place.
Not even on the beach.
A place where with a little money you can buy a nice house and a good piece of land.
Then, as I said, solar panels and so on.

If the collapse really comes, who will live better:

A financial guy with a lot of gold in a safe in a bank, living in a penthouse on the top of a skyscraper which cost him a fortune just in electricity for the elevator, or me, in my small house in a sunny place, with my kitchen garden, my chickens and my geese?

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