Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Direct Democracy: Gerald Celente

Mr. Celente,

you are one of the voices I like better to listen to.
Of course a small part of me sees you as an Italian, but the rest sees you like one of the few who says the truth and says it in the best way.
With a smile.
Presstitutes, International Mafia Fund, Gambino and Co.

Who better than an Italian can understand it?
Yes I do.

And you also propose solutions. It is not just talking.

Direct Democracy.
Yes that is what they do in Switzerland.
They vote in the square and decide on the matters that matter for their life.
That is why in a country of banksters they survive.
Because the Banksters make money out of the foreigners and do not rule in their own country. They pay taxes there.

Our square is the Internet.
Let the power to the citizens.
If they fail, they will be the ones who pay.

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