Sunday, August 28, 2011


The best moment of my year is when I see the first swallow.
And the worst is like today, when you see the firsts preparing to go.
They group on the electric wires, and they make tests on how to fly together.
At the beginning there is one leading, the others following and always two or three left in the back, who struggle to follow.
They try again and these laters are in the middle, and the fastest on the borders.
And after a few days they leave.
Will I be here again when they will come back?

Then it is the time to collect my geraniums plants.
To cut them short, to group them in a few vases, to put them on the windows, to protect them from the first, unexpected frost.
I will water them, I will look after them, thinking of when it will be time again to make new vases, and they will bloom and grow and make the best colored flowers.
All our life is spent waiting, preparing and dreaming.
The future is just a few moments, but it is in the eyes and the heart of the beholder, much longer before and after.

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