Saturday, August 13, 2011

Default italian style

Do you remember the movie: Divorce Italian style?
We are a great country, whenever we do something like ALL THE OTHERS we do it in a different way. We just found a week ago 70 billions Euros, cutting a little bit here a little bit there, on the pensions, on the State employees salaries, on the pension age.
Now it looks like it is not enough.
We have to move and move fast.
Why? Because of the letter...
The mystery of the letter.
It is all the fault of the letter.
The letter sent by Trichet and Mario Draghi to the Governo Italiano.
In 150 years of history of the Italian State, NEVER; NEVER there was any need of such a hurry to make a law.
Bossi (chief Lega Nord) says: "I fear the letter was forged in Rome, I fear they want to dump the government."
Bersani (Chief PD,Italian left wing) is sure of the opposite: "the letter was written by them, the very same PDL(Berlusconi) and Lega which brought us to ruin. No need to investigate further."
The journalists, which are always the first to receive the news, they know everything which is written in it, the smallest details, the need to certain cuts and certain taxes.
They even point it out that on the bottom is written very clearly ( and quite impolitely I would add): "If Italy does not follow instructions, can forget our help..."
Di Pietro (Center, Italia dei Valori) shouted: If Bossi has the letter, it is HIS duty to bring it in the Parlamento and show it to ALL.

So, Bossi probably has: written the letter, says that it was written by somebody else in Rome, then hid it, but showed it before to the journalist who wrote the article.
May be we will find out that Bossi has some problem of multiple personality...

"We moved even before the letter" says Bossi and then "Tell them Giulio (Tremonti)( our financial Minister, PDL)"
Giulio" No,I know nothing, I say nothing".

Gianni Letta (responsible of the Government Secret Services)" The letter IS confidential, and the one who received it cannot show it."

Could we at least KNOW who received it?

No one wants to talk.
Tremonti adds "If the one who sent it wanted it to be known, he would have done it..."

I have my fears that on the envelope is written:

"To Italy, letter of foreclosure"

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