Thursday, August 04, 2011

How to brainwash the average American in 23 steps

1. The key to truly effective brainwashing is to work at people’s most fundamental awareness. Shape them at the neurological level so they develop the faculties to take your input and call it “thinking for myself.” Enable them to stop thinking.
Fill them with soaps that reflect the reality you want them to copy.

2. Limit any and all faculties for self-awareness and self-sensing. Destroy instinct and intuition. Actively and endlessly encourage external awareness. Make people dependent on your external input for as many decisions as possible. Give them idols in which to believe and impersonate.

3. Speed up messages so that the pace and rhythm of information is disorienting and visually biased. Give them sports, movies, celebrities to look forward to

4. Condition people to being bombarded with hundreds of thousands of signals a day. Teach them to attend to this stream of information and to call it Reality. Never let them ask what “reality” is.TV, Internet, Magazines all media you need

5. Framing is everything. Decide what you want people to believe and make sure that any choices you give them are within a framework which assures you of your result. This is called the Illusion of Choice. “Do you want to sweep the floor before or after dinner?” Repeat this formula for economic systems, politicians, news stories, competing product brands and entertainment.Make a mortgage on the existing one, you only live once

6. Appeal to the lowest common denominator. Make sure that all shows model conflict resolution of people with an emotional and intellectual maturity no greater than that of a six year old. Make it funny so no one notices. Keep the level of education at its lowest, feed people with stupidities, show superfluous items as essential.

7. Keep people passive. Encourage the Couch Potato Alpha Wave Escape Plan as the healing elixir for all that ails. Don’t let them think what they should, make them thinking what you want

8. Don’t make people think. Their days are hard enough as is. Bypass the need for opinion making by giving people ready-made opinions. Do it as though you don’t have a conscience – they are probably too stupid to make their own decisions anyway. Show your opinions as right and their as wrong.

9. Ensure that there are no ongoing storylines with meaning or purpose beyond immediate sensory stimulation. Avoid universal themes as much as possible. Make absolutely certain there is no cultural, societal or global story or mythology present that conflicts with the myths of comfort and consumption. Their heroes must act, not think

10. Never encourage responsibility, or so much as suggest that humans could be involved in co-creating their future and the realities in which they reside. Remember, you only live once, why bother?

11. Encourage group-sanctioned individuality only. By making ‘individuality” the new conformity you are generating a powerful illusion of free choice. They must believe that they think and they are free to think and decide.

12. Sensationalize the superficial.Reality is the virtual, virtual is the only reality that counts, because the only pleasant.

13. Keep information bytes infinitesimally small. Promote Attention Deficit Disorder. Several decades of television have already set this in motion.Our is the "visual society, why waisting words, when one image is worth 1K words?

14. Repetition is key. Repeat important messages as often as possible.

15. Repetition is key.

16. Repetition is key.

17. Bypass rationality by any means possible. People don’t need logic to accept information. Belief is emotional. Always remember: WAR=PEACE. Truth is virtual and virtual is reality.

18. Remember –- two half-truths make up a whole truth. Even more if the truth is a lie.

19. Demonize self-knowledge technology of all kinds. Throw around words like “cult” and “brainwashing.” Marginalize anyone involved in such pursuits.Make them scared of the unknown, let them panic for what they do not understand, it will come useful.

20. Keep old models of consciousness alive and well. If you can get away with referring to people’s states as being phlegmatic or sanguine instead of programmable and intentional, do it. Remember truth=lie and Lie= truth.

21. Keep people’s attention on what really matters. Emphasize what’s wrong as much as possible. Their life matters, their happiness matters, not the way to get it

22. Always give the impression that Everything Is Under Control – but just barely so – hammer into the populace the idea that their greatest fear could strike at any moment. So that when they see something out of their control they panic easily.

23. Teach people that they are their thoughts and emotions. Reinforce this by teaching them to feel bad about their ideas, and to feel bad about feeling bad. Remember: Identify, identify, identify –- this will widen the empty void inside of them that only shopping can cure.

By sticking to these simple premises you should be able to produce entire societies capable of thinking so selfish as not caring to do so.
Capable to behave in their interest, but that behave in YOUR interest.
Create a generation of puppets who believe that earning is making money on a computer keyboard, exchanging papers, buying things they do not need paying with money they do not own.
You will create a generation of borrowers, who will make debts to pay previous debts.
Give them abundantly and then suddenly withdraw.
Make them feeling rich and safe and then create panic making worthless what they own.

Congratulations, you were able to create a generation of slaves

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