Sunday, October 26, 2008

10 unwritten rules NOT to live by

1) Always ask a woman if she wants to have sex without asking.
There are millions of ways to hear with eyes.

2) For your siblings it is always more important that you have a bad health than a bad health insurance (I would humbly suggest you to invest YOUR money in something else)

3) If you really want to enjoy a poker game with friends play with buttons or peas, then you can bluff as much as you like and show them who the really smart guy is (isn't that the goal for playing?)

4) Learn to read among lines. When somebody is suddenly too friendly he wants something from you...

5) Black is a nice colour, but navy blue is very chic...

6) When someone in your family is going through a divorce, never take a side, you are going to need both.

7) When you want to please , talk about the person yuo are speaking to, involve him in the speech if you want him to listen (remember Joe the plumber)

8) You won't need a stick. Did you ever read the "The sun sand the wind" tale written by Aesop? That is a masterpiece in teaching how to get the best results with the least.

9) It is not important what you CAN do, but what you DO.

10) You do not need a Tattoo to be special.
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