Friday, October 03, 2008

The Corruption Guinness

Italy and the Seychelles are both in 55th place worldwide regarding corruption in the public sector.
Our Country has dropped 14 positions down the list since 2007, thanks to an increase in "abuse of public office for personal benefit".
I would like to suggest to Seychelles President James Michel that his country should consider twinning with Italy.
A large country such as ours could turn that tiny earthly paradise into a very significant international cesspit.
A few incinerators, two recycled nuclear power stations formerly belonging to Enel, a bit of drug trafficking on the Indian Ocean routes, some hazardous materials with which to build some schools and as many convicted criminal Parliamentarians as they want.
Italy could even provide a legal consultancy service on how not to resolve the problems resulting from corruption.
Our Parliamentary attorneys, namely Alfano, Ghedini and Consolo are amongst the very best that you will find anywhere. Should any parliamentarian encounter any legal problems, these three will always be able to find the perfect arbitration award for his needs, allowing him to get away scot-free and avoid the inconvenience of having to go to prison.
The Alfano Arbitration Award effectively placed the incumbents in the top four government posts beyond the reach of the law.
The Consolo arbitration award is aimed at providing the same protection to all government ministers, starting from Matteoli who, unsurprisingly, is one of attorney Consolo’s clients.
In Italy, the laws are being made to measure by Ghedini, who holds down two jobs and also just happens to be the psychodwarf’s personal defence attorney. He defends his employer both in court and in Parliament. Today, in Italy, every self-respecting politician appoints his personal attorney to the post of either Deputy or Senator. This in order to make sure that he doesn’t land up in jail.
In exchange, the Seychelles could host the mafia members of the 41 bis and, in the event of a guilty finding in the Mills court case, Tar Head as well.
In the opinion of public prosecutor Fabio De Pasquale, the Alfano arbitration award is unconstitutional. All of Italy agrees with him on this point, except for Alfano, Ghedini and Consolo (the new attack trio against the Constitution, the “Al-Ghe-Co”) and State President Morpheus Napolitano.
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