Friday, October 17, 2008


If you still do not know how a "bubble" works, you will learn it, just looking at this movie.
LandShark well represents all the artificially created bubbles of our time. It could have many other names, but as in mathematics, you can change the addends, the result is the same.
You create a company, give it credit and potential.
Make a success out of nothing, sell its shares and later just forget it ever existed.
Who cares about losers?
They are just dreamers, naive, and gullible people.
The smart ones are the ones who earn selling dreams and illusions.
This is the elegant way to call crooks and cheated people. That is life and it ain't gonna change, at least for now.
But predators will die the moment their preys, their food will be scarce and hard to get, and that moment is closer than everybody believes.
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