Sunday, October 19, 2008

A different vision of PayPerPost

A honest answer to PayPerPost Is Now Officially Absurd

I confess: I take money for sponsoring products or whatever.
And I go as far as to say I do not feel ashamed or guilty or anything else.
My question is: Is there still somebody so naive as to think that there are honest and genuine reviews? (I mean not sponsored)
The only discrimination could eventually be the fact of saying: I didn't like it, I didn't use it, I will never do.
But that also doesn't mean that somebody couldn't like and use it.
A dummy proof software is not good for a technology guru, like a sophisticated one for as good as it can be is certainly NOT what a normal Internet user would choose.
What is a honest review?
I try to explain what the product is and also to whom it could be a good bargain.
Every product that comes on the market is targeted for a certain part of consumers.
I talk to them and tell the others, if you do not belong to this group, don't bother.
I do not believe in Homeopathy, but there are millions who do and it actually heals them.
Not in the ordinary and rational way, but it does.
And I welcome blogs like PayPerPost and bloggers who do this job because very often they offer a different point of view and I admit it, some people are very good in writing and so much more genuine than the usual commercial way, that I see it as a good breath of fresh air in a stagnant business.

And to the one who leaves when he sees the "Disclosure Policy": well, sometimes you miss a lot!

PS I didn't know about the $10 for the disclosure policy, thanks for the information, I will enquire. Ten dollars is always ten dollars.
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