Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The unfair game against users

Hollywood is going after the Pirate Bay’s users, and they do so on a large scale.
"Pirate Bay is well aware of these pirate tracking outfits, and does what it can to give them a hard time. Reporting fake peers is one of the tricks they use."

The fight works this way:
When you download (illegally) from BitTorrent, the legal content owners are informed about the connection which would allow them to track you down.
To avoid this The Pirate Bay changes your IP identity by reporting them a fake IP address.
"Pirate Bay co-founder TiAMO told TorrentFreak that he has several criteria on which he can pick out the suspicious users that might be collecting IP-addresses. He also said that he’s working on a automated warning system which will operate as a sniffer on a monitor port. That project is far from complete, but has the potential to detect suspicious behaviour more easily.

Nevertheless, it is impossible (as the name might give away) to keep the prying eyes of Hollywood off public trackers. Even private trackers are far from secure, as most anti-piracy companies have accounts at the larger communities."
Well: do it as you like, but be aware that you are not 100% safe as you would like to be.
Risk is the spice of life (as long as you are not caught)
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