Friday, October 03, 2008

From Italy to Barcelona without a bill!

Do you know what remote access is?
Would you like to try and find out all the advantages you can have using it?
RemotePC is among the best and easiest to use services for private users and companies.
You can try it, and with a free unlimited trial for 30 days!
And then, if you decide that is is useful, you can go on using it for just $4.95 per month.
But let me explain in simple words what it is and which advantages you can have using it.

You can work from home after the official business hours using your office PC.
It is very easy and fast to login to this PC.
Also using a web browser allows you to use all the resources of your machine.
It allows you also to invite a friend or colleague to assist you while doing your work.
Of course, you also can transfer necessary files in both directions.
My friend Markus is very fond of it.
Whenever he has problems with his computer, he just lets me in on the Internet, easy and costless.
I live in Italy and he lives in Barcelona.
But his computer is in my office whenever he likes and needs it!
And especially he doesn't get any bill from Italy.
I guess this is the most interesting part of the deal, in spite of his assurance that it is merely a question of having his computer fixed as soon as possible (including on Saturdays and Sundays) by a friendly "professional".

And last, but not least, it doesn't cost a fortune.
Have a look at the basic plans:


Before you subscribe it is also possible to have a demo of the services, just to show how easy it is and also how useful it can be.

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