Friday, October 17, 2008

The need of God and Religion

"Do you see death as the end of your identity or as the doorway to another life?"
Or, better, what's the purpose of life?

This could partially explain the need of God and Religion most men feel.
It is the rationally unanswered question that finds an irrational answer.
We cannot know, but God knows.
If we believe death to be the end of our identity, the purpose of our life becomes making this life satisfactory.
If we see death as the doorway to another life we have to decide if next life is going to be better or worse.
This leads to the question of justice. There have to be standards to meet to reach a better life after death.
Life, which is mostly hard and painful, must be lived in terms of the next.

So, the need of God and Religion is the way to stand life, uncertainties and difficulties in the view of a better one, the "eternal life".
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