Sunday, October 19, 2008

How to find ALWAYS green lights

No, the trick IS NOT turning the red into green, but something JUST a German could invent.
I say so because I married a German and he is a peculiar one, just like the rest (of Germans).
German car-maker has invented a device that allows you to find always green lights when you arrive.
The in-car gadget tells drivers how fast to go in order to sail through a junction by ‘speaking’ to special transmitters fitted inside a traffic signal that can be up to 300 yards away.
It calculates (and you can be sure, very precisely, since it is a German device, made in Germany)the car’s position and approach route, then tells the driver the optimun speed.
It will also have a second advantage: the environment will benefit by the cutting of exhaust emissions, since fewer cars will be stationary at lights (may be italian cars) and it will improve fuel economy by ending stop-start inefficiency.
But it has limits: will not benefit the driver if the roads are particularly clogged.
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