Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nobody will love a connection 75 percent slower...but this could happen in Australia

Australia has started to filter the Internet, searching for "illegal content".
That has arisen fears among the liberal democracies that in the blacklist could also be included legal content.
"Family First", argues that the porn subject on the Internet has reached epidemic proportions and kids’ education is at risk.
Government will establish a Mandatory Filtering Scheme at the ISP Server Level, acting at two levels.
In the first porn and illegal content will be filtered, at the second level, illegal content will be filtered.
While the first will be optional, the second will be mandatory.
But filters tested proved to be unable to provide an effective solution, filtering also a high percentage of legal content.
In this way the filters can degrade performance from 20 to 75 percent.
Nobody will love a connection 75 percent slower...
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