Saturday, October 18, 2008

Things you don't know (but you should) about your Bank

Finally you got that money, it is a check and you hurry to deposit it on your account.
You do the right thing hurrying, because it will take three days before it is posted on your account.
And that is done on purpose, of course in the Bank's interest.
Why not having more than one account?
Also this IS in the Bank's interest.
Another thing your Bank likes very much is the fact that you keep a much higher balance than necessary.
You should really ALWAYS check the interest rate they pay you.
They usually (it is an euphemism for never) don't give you the highest interest rate.
Of course they have ALL the rights (and you mostly duties).
Your Bank has the right to pay itself back out of your next deposit for any fees or overdraft loans that you owe.

Once at least for Christmas you got small gifts like Art Books or nice calendars.
Do not expect ANYTHING anymore.
The times in which the Banks did the interest of the customer and treated him like one are definitely gone.
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