Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Your business cannot be as "allowed" as it looks

You are on a Global Network, nowhere in particular, or at least you think your business is in the place where your Server actually is, but you are wrong.
Online businesses are often forced to adhere to laws in the places where they do business. One iconic example is a ruling by a French court in 2000, where the court said a French law banning the sale of Nazi paraphernalia applied to U.S.-based Web site Yahoo.
Another case is what recently happened in Kentucky, where a judge decided that were illegal gambling Web sites, “virtual keys” that provided access to places where one could play online versions of gambling devices such as slot machines and roulette tables.
The only way out would be implementing technology that would block Kentucky residents from accessing their sites.
“If you’re a business operator, you should be subject to the laws where you do and pursue business, and not have to worry about a state halfway around the world taking away your storefront.”
But for now, the domain names are frozen.
Let's see what will happen in November.
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