Friday, October 03, 2008

The Italian "Chrome"

Others have applications called "Chrome" in Italy we have the "real one"

The levels in our drinkable water have gone as high as 455 micrograms per litre and, even now, it has been confirmed that our levels are still above the maximum allowed, with peaks touching 30 micrograms per litre of water, in other words, 6 times the maximum permissible level.
The reason why we must not drink water containing hexavalent chrome is because the substance has certain mutagenic properties, in other words, it has the ability to modify human DNA, and poses not only a risk of developing tumours, but also of giving birth to deformed children or developing pathologies involving deformation or tumours.
Hexavalent chrome dissolves in the water and therefore, since the underground water sources are flowing rather than stagnant, the hexavalent chrome can be found some distance away from the source and some time after infiltration.
We have already seen tumours caused by hexavalent chrome, including lung tumours. Another widely acknowledged side effect of ingesting chrome is the perforation of the nasal septum, accompanied by bleeding and a whole range of ENT ailments that can also result in lung and stomach tumours.
Tons of both chrome and nickel have been dumped in the Dora Riparia River, sometimes even with the authorisation of the Turin Provincial Authority.
We are talking here about the ThyssenKrupp Company, which is located just a few hundred metres upstream.
There are a number of interesting pictures on the Internet, taken in the vicinity of Tezze and depicting some daisies that are long and narrow instead of being round.
They are called the “pratoline di Tezze” and can be viewed on Youtube.
These daisies grew in an area that was irrigated with water drawn from wells contaminated with hexavalent chrome.
In the Susa Valley there are some deformed specimens of chicory, plums and roses, which initially were believed caused by dioxins or the phenyl polychlorides originating from a steelworks situated in the Susa Valley.
But lately it came out that most probably the guilty must be the hexavalent chrome.
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