Thursday, October 23, 2008

The land of the rising Hacking

Where would a hunter like to go hunting?
Of course where preys are abundant and (almost) uncontaminated.
The same is for a hackers' hunter like Microsoft.
Easy to predict it was very unwelcomed there.
"Chinese internet users have reacted with fury after Microsoft launched an anti-piracy tool to combat the widespread sale of fake software."
They reacted in the same way people would defend an uncontaminated forest from hunters.
They "flooded blogs and bulletin boards to complain it violates their right to privacy - with one lawyer even reporting the firm to security officials for "hacking".
"The computer is mine!" one angry blogger wrote on the popular Chinese web portal "Microsoft has no right to control my hardware without my agreement."
This is indeed a good argument.
But Microsoft could object that the "software" is mine and you have no right to use it...

"I respect the right of Microsoft to protect its intellectual property, but it is taking on the wrong target with wrong measures. They should target producers and sellers of fake software, not users."

Of course, it is like saying, the fault of illegal hunting is in the weapons. They shouldn't sell them.

Critics said Microsoft was putting their information at risk by accessing their computers.
If that is true, why do they bother to use Microsoft's software?
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