Wednesday, October 22, 2008

High tech means partial safety

Will this crisis affect the high tech industry?
It looks e have dark days ahead of us, but considering most of the 5000 Web .0 companies are a little more than tiny garage shops, it won't affect too much employed people.
"We never saw the big run-up in tech hiring in 2004 through 2008, so I don't anticipate a significant change"
But there are exceptions.
Google, one of the most powerful companies in tech, has increased a lot its workforce.
Nevertheless there is no danger right now on this front.
Still tech-related unemployment runs about half the national average. Unemployment among those with computer and mathematical occupations ran at 2.6 percent last month, while the national unemployment average stood at 6.1 percent.
But there are signs that the economy will get much worse in the coming months and nobody knows for how long.
But if things go bad, at least tech workers will fare better than their counterparts in other industries.
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