Thursday, October 23, 2008

How to be thin

Think thin and do not eat.
I am not so sure about the first, but the second is without any doubt the way to.

The natural question is HOW? (not eating)
When (almost) all our life is lived toward that goal?

1) Changing goal.
Easy to say, but not impossible to do.
Do not think about eating and this is successfully reached NOT thinking you should diet.
DIET is something you shouldn't think about.
What you should think about is how nice is to feel light, to prefer natural water to everything else...

2)Forget about scale.
You know exactly your weight and why you should do something about it.
Do not depress yourself with it. Getting thin IS a JOY.

3) Do not exercise.
Make it a rule to do everything you do in the hardest way. At the end of the day you will have consumed more calories than exercising, but without doing anything you dislike.
Remember: loosing weight IS a JOY.

4) Try yourself.
Surround yourself with temptations and have a little bit of them.
Do not avoid food you like, you have to learn to SIP it.
Remember being thin IS a JOY.

5) Eat when you are hungry.
But just as much as to fill a little bit. Leave something for tomorrow. Remember losing way IS a JOY more in tomorrow than in today.

And remember: there is a lot of JOY in eating, but much more in doing something else...
Remember too that life is not just the way you look, but the way you are. Much better a fat happy woman than a sad , perfect one...
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