Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The pilot of the future could be no pilot. Travelling of the future could be no travelling.

For now it is just radical new ideas, but they could be developed in future airports.
The future pilots could fly without the use of their hands, without a place in the plane, in their own home, using brain-machine interfaces, in which the human brain actually exchanges electronic signals with a computer.
Also the airports could be virtually driven, people being able to check in from wherever, just using a computer or a cell phone.
This second development looks to me much easier and faster done than the one before. I go as far as to envisage a future in which EVERYTHING is going to be virtual, including travelling.
What about travelling without pilots and airports?
In the comfort of your own home?
The brain is the one who sees, listens, smells.
Trick the brain and you're done
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