Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Modern Slot Machines

Money is like cars, it is made for moving.
It was invented as a mean to exchange.
When you needed five and a half eggs to buy one melon and you couldn't actually cut the egg and the other was not willing to accept the melon without a piece.
There came the money.
Then, soon after the invention of money, there came the Bank.
The place to store it.
The place where money made more money.
Just like a Slot Machine.
You put five cents and you CAN get 1000 dollars.
That is what you read all over Las Vegas.

Mary XYZ won $15.000.000 with one.
So that ALL the Mary the dollars, dreaming of winning, and actually in most cases losing.
Because for a perverse road, most of that money, always ends in the pockets of a few, while the mass is still dreaming.
Lately this is the scenario you see not only in Las Vegas, but all over the world, everywhere where a Bank is.
You put your money there, and then, magically disappears...
No money, no interest.
But they are ready to tell you how Mary XYZ made 5.000.000 just investing a few on this or on that.
It is mainly your fault not to win.
Well, you are NOT LUCKY enough, but you can go on dreaming...who knows...tomorrow is a brand new day...
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