Thursday, October 16, 2008

Henry Poole (was) is here

The message of the movie: if you really believe, then you get it.
If you like positive, unrealistic movies, this is for you.
I am too sceptical, probably I do not believe enough, or I am too negative, but I never got it.
At least not in the easy way.
I always had to fight to get what I got, and sometimes I fought hard for nothing.
I am of the opinion that movies like this do not help.
It is the wrong message.
First, because you can believe as much as you like, but if you do not work, you won't get anything.
Second because the real goal, the real result, is not in getting, but in fighting for it.
All life is about struggling, hope and dream.
The successful reality never brings what you think it should.
Once you learn this lesson, life will be much more interesting, not for what it offers, but for what you can do.
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