Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How to improve productivity and save

How can you improve productivity and actually save a lot of money, without keeping paper files, accessing all your information and documents online, so that you can work from anywhere, from any computer?
Without losing time on organizing and archiving instead of filing?
No drawers for filing or papers. No desktop tower or fax machine or scanner or anything.
Is that your dream?
If that is the case you are in the right place.
Because Atlantic Global developed a business management software that will help organizations to improve in operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Simply using a Timesheet software interface you and your employees will reduce the time of collecting data entry and its cost.
The important information will be visible, accessible and available in real time to all interested in your company.
It also allowes the planning of Projects and the Resource scheduling, even linking to a third party application such as Microsoft Project.
You can store all your projects in a central repository, allowing its access quickly and efficiently via the web.
The program Corporate Vision will allow you to decide which projects programmes and initiatives to fund, what to go for and what to dismiss, in order to fulfil your strategic objectives.
You will be able to integrate data from all your business and make it available to everybody.

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