Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Democracy "American style"

In certain countries you are openly obliged to vote for one only candidate.
They call the country democratic because people VOTE for their leader...

But in America, the Democracy is something you can see and touch.
You have the choice to vote among more than one candidate.

It looks like there is a huge difference between the two types of countries.

"ES&S iVotronics touch screens have already been observed now in four completely separate States, flipping the votes, in the early voting that has taken place to date. Eye-witness reports of repeated, consistent flipping of votes (from Obama to McCain naturally) has already occurred in the States of: West Virginia, Tennessee, Missouri, and Texas that have had early voting. Missouri, of course, is a key background State in McCain's electoral vote math.

These are not "glitches".
This is also not the result of just "one faulty machine".
How about some straight-talk:

Fact: This is not a "glitch".
Fact: This is not a one machine problem.
Fact: This is not a one State problem.
Fact: This is not a one Election problem.
Fact: This is neither a "theory", nor speculation. It's real.
Fact: The Democratic candidate is getting their (would be) votes systematically stolen."

Democracy "American style"
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