Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Today's tsunami

"To switch metaphors, let's say that we are witnessing the two stages of a tsunami."
"And then what? The societies of the world will be faced with the task of rebuilding systems of fruitful activity, i.e., real economies based on productive behavior rather than the smoke-and-mirrors of Frankenstein-finance con games." JK

Once again, Mr. Kunstler, if I could vote your oratory skills I would give you five stars.
You are very good indeed in explaining reality, but I cannot share your catastrophism.
And not because I am such an optimistic person, on the contrary, I tend to be quite realistic.
And reality shows that we are on this planet for whatever reason we don’t know, but we are here to stay.
The survival instinct will make us face whatever future is there for us.
What I see is a change on WHO is going to be there.
Wars, natural catastrophes, financial turmoil’s, all are there too and were always there.
It is the survival of the strong and the death of the weak.
Let's see reality as it is.
Europe, America, they have ruled for long, may be too long, so long that they have overruled themselves.
We are like very old people who do not see death approaching, because we do not want to.
There is a smell of death all over, which we cover with the best perfumes, there are signs that we are unable to recognize.
Earth doesn't need us anymore; we are used to work less, to think less, to enjoy more.
Life prefers people who have enthusiasm for the future, who have new ideas and good muscles to build them.
Future is built on the past, but with the new generations.
May be Europe and America are the past, may be the new is somebody else.
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