Sunday, October 26, 2008

Store and use later: the secret of unlimited energy supply

What if we could store ‘unlimited’ solar power?
Just using a way copying plant photosynthesis, splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen gases and re-combining gases in a fuel cell, we can create carbon-free electricity whether the sun is shining or not.
"Now, we can seriously think about solar power as unlimited and soon.”
And, cherry on the cake, the process uses solely natural materials and it is easy to set up.

“This is a major discovery with enormous implications for the future prosperity of humankind. The importance of their discovery cannot be overstated since it opens up the door for developing new technologies for energy production, thus reducing our dependence for fossil fuels and addressing the global climate change problem.” James Barber

The bad news is that it will take 10 years before homes won't use electricity by wire anymore, but they will store solar power during daylight hours and use it at night.

This is a discovery by Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
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